Yikes… Don’t Do This to a Fidget Spinner, It’ll Bite Back

As one dad from Mississippi recently learned, a fidget spinner is not something to mess around with — it might bite back if you do.

Asia One reported that Facebook user and father John Harris was playing with a fidget spinner last week with his young son Ian when they decided to experiment with the toy using a technique often demonstrated and praised in videos on YouTube.

Using an air compressor to make the toy spin faster than humanly possible, John noted in a Facebook post that the situation quickly escalated and took a turn for the worst as his son took a direct hit when the plastic on the fidget spinner exploded.

“I was holding the spinner and the air hose when it happened,” he wrote. “We had been playing with it for a while and all of a sudden the plastic on the fidget spinner exploded.”

Harris went on to say they were in the emergency room seeking treatment for his son’s injuries from the incident. He also expressed regret and admitted his stupidity in trying the experiment.

“I am sharing so no one else has the same stupid idea that I had,” he wrote. “We were lucky it missed his eyes. It could have been much worse.”

Posted by John Harris on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That danger, of course, isn’t highlighted in the YouTube videos Harris was emulating. In those videos, the toy — which is not designed for such use — is placed in a vice or something similar to hold it steady while compressed air is applied to it. It proceeds to spin like a propeller.

In Harris’ case, the toy clearly couldn’t withstand the force of being exposed to such high air pressure over time and exploded.The man and his son are fortunate nothing worse happened.

While these toys are certainly fun for kids and adults, as with anything, they can quickly bite back when modified or used in a way that they weren’t designed for. Don’t be tempted to try this at home.

Use common sense and play responsibly.

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Source: Here’s What Happens When You Combine Compressed Air With a Fidget Spinner

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