WW2 Ace Reunites With Plane… Hours Later, Crowd Turned to Silence

This former RAF pilot got the chance to reunite with his iconic Spitfire plane and the result is absolutely beautiful.

General Emil Bocek is one of the last surviving Czechoslovakian pilots who flew for Britain’s Royal Air Force during World War II. He was given a chance last year, at the age of 93, to go back up in his iconic Spitfire aircraft and soar the skies once more.

More than 70 years have passed since Bocek flew the spitfire for the RAF,but in July of 2016 he was given the chance to go back up in the aircraft. The moment brought many to silence as they saw the elderly man take to the flight with such ease and excitement.

The reunion took place at Biggin Hill Airport in Kent, England. After a mass that honored over 2,000 former Czech pilots who flew for the RAF during World War II, Bocek got suited up and ready to fly.

Sitting in the back of the plane, Bocek had a look of fulfillment on his face as he soared through the skies, something he hasn’t done in ages. He described the experience as a “dream.”

At one point during the 25-minute flight, Express reported, Bocek took control of the plane and landed the “twin-seater Supekrmarine Spitfire.” He gave a thumbs up after the successful landing and proved to all of us that age is really just a number.

“The whole event is really beyond what we expected. We’re really pleased to be here,” Marek Liskutin, Bocek’s 41-year-old grandson, said

General Bocek joined the RAF as a teenager in September 1940 and began working as a mechanic. Three years after entering, he was sent to Canada to train and joined the RAF’s 310 squadron in October 1944, the outlet reported.

Bocek was presented with a gold medal before disembarking the aircraft, and when speaking to Forces reporters, he said, “If I say I like it, no — I love it,” adding that the flight was “perfect.”

Check out the emotional reunion footage below:


Throughout his years in service, General Bocek flew 26 operational flights and left the RAF in 1946. Even at his advanced age he reportedly still flies the skies in his homeland.

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Source: WW2 Ace Hops in Spitfire… Stuns Crowd

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