Woman With CCW Prevents Elderly Woman From Mugging

Proof that concealed carry can protect lives.

An Ohio woman proved how a concealed carry weapon in the hands of law abiding citizen can stop thugs who prey on easy targets.

Franklin Police told WCPO that an 84-year-old woman was walking on North Main Street around 11 a.m. Monday when a man grabbed her purse and ran.

Mary Moore was driving on the other side of the road and witnessed the robbery.

“I look out my driver’s door and I noticed a little lady running with her arms up,” Moore said.

Moore did a quick U-turn in the road and went back to help the victim, WBMA reported.

By the time Moore arrived, the victim had given up chasing the purse snatcher.

“She could not keep up with him any longer,” Moore told WCPO.

Moore drove to catch up to the robber. WCPO reported that he was waving a gun at others and that was when Moore decided to draw her own weapon. She aimed it at the robber and told him to drop the purse.

That he did, before taking off on foot.

Moore then picked up the purse and returned it to the victim.

Watch coverage of the incident below:

Authorities were unable to apprehend the thief.

Situations like this illustrate why concealed carry permits are so important. You never know when you will need to protect yourself or someone else.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Moore said. “We got to look out for each other. There is so much bad in the world now.”

The next time someone tries to claim that there is no need for concealed carry weapons, show them this story.

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Source: Woman With CCW Prevents Elderly Woman From Mugging

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