Woman Files Racial Profiling Complaint Against Cops… Dash Cam Makes Her a Liar

She should’ve known better.

A Wisconsin woman who accused police of racially profiling her has changed her story after footage from the policeman’s dash cam completely debunked her fabricated story.

Katherine Torres was reportedly driving back to work from her lunch break on May 31 when a Greendale police officer pulled her over. Torres later filed a complaint with the police department on Friday, June 2, claiming Sgt. Michael Karczewski had racially profiled her by asking about her citizenship, according to TMJ4.

During a press conference, Torres said she thought the first question police should ask is to see a driver’s license and proof of insurance, WHAS reported. Instead, Torres claimed Karczewski asked if she was a U.S. citizen and for her social security number.

Footage of the incident told a different story. Officials who reviewed the audio and video of the incident said that Karczewski noticed Torres was not wearing a seat belt and then asked Torres for her license, insurance, address and social security number.

Torres’ vehicle also did not have a front license plate, which is a violation of Wisconsin state law.

Asking drivers for their social security numbers during traffic stops has been part of Greendale Police’s policy since 2003, TMJ4 reported.

Take a look:


The Village of Greendale Police posted a statement to their Facebook page stating Karczewski had also stopped several others and asked them for their social security numbers but not about their citizenship.

“In reviewing the audio and video recording captured on Karczewski’s in-squad video system, the allegation that Sergeant Karczewski questioned Ms. Torres about her citizenship is false,” the statement said.

The police chief reportedly said he was not planning on filing criminal charges against Torres’ for making a false complaint, TMJ4 reported.

It seems people are playing the race card more and more these days, especially against police. Thankfully for this officer, he had the hard proof right there to back him up. With all that our men and women in blue have to deal with, it’s a shame they also have to put up with baseless accusations like these.

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Source: Dash Cam Proves Woman Was Lying About Racial Profiling Complaint

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