When a Trillion Gal. of Water Comes to Your Front Door… The Video Is Even Better

As photos and videos of Hurricane Irma come pouring in, we can see just how powerful of a storm she was. With incredible winds and rain, Irma ripped through Florida on Saturday, leaving tons of water behind.

Video of an unidentified jewelry shop reportedly in Miami showed just how dangerous flood waters can be.

We don’t know much about the video — except that the walls on the building were the only thing between the inside of the shop and thousands of gallons of water.

When the video was recorded, the water was already almost halfway up the door and an inch or two of water was on the floor. At this point, opening the door would have resulted in a massive flood busting through a dam.

It appeared as though the only option for those inside was to wait, and hope.

WFLA Reporter Josh Benson posted the video to Twitter. “Store owners in #Miami watch as their store is surrounded by a wall of water. What a terrible and uneasy feeling,” he said.

It was not immediately known what those in the store did or how things turned out or them. We hope those inside were unharmed.

The Miami Herald reported that 13 million people in Florida are without power. The Florida Keys were hit hard by Irma while Miami-Dade and Broward counties were spared.

Irma has been a destructive storm, so far claiming 47 lives from the Caribbean islands to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, Newsweek reported.

Irma has weakened significantly and many hope the worst is over. Winds have slowed to 35 mph as the storm continues to make its way southeast.

Recovery from the storm is expected to take weeks and months.


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Source: When a Trillion Gal. of Water Comes to Your Front Door… The Video Is Even Better

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