What This Dem Promo Said Before Being Altered Reveals Dark Motives

On March 27, the official Twitter page of the Democrat Party tweeted a promo of another anti-Trump protest along with the caption “Resist,” but there was something funny about the photo, MIC reported.

One of the posters on display at the rally had actually been Photoshopped in the picture that was posted on the Democrats’ Twitter account.

“Trump is the symptom,” read the Photoshopped version.

The original was here, but it was since been deleted.


That was all. But …

“Capitalism is the disease. Socialism is the cure,” it read in the pre-edited version.

The Democrats did actually acknowledge this editing, stating in an email to MIC that it “violated DNC policy and we regret the error.”

What they should regret is that their base is made up of a bunch of morons who actually think socialism is a great idea. Clearly these protesters have never picked up a history book.

The pages of history are littered with the ruins of countries that were destroyed by socialism and stained with the blood of those killed by socialist regimes desperate to cling to power.

“For them to edit out the words ‘capitalism’ and ‘socialism’ is just so telling about how disconnected they are from young voters, and even older voters,” stated Rachel Silang, national social media coordinator for PSL, the organization behind the paper that was Photoshopped.

Sadly, this is what the Democrat Party has turned into — a bunch of left-wing nuts who think socialism is cool because some wild-eyed senator from Vermont made it seem that way.

Does capitalism have problems? Sure. However, those problems are nothing compared with what a disaster socialism would be for this country.

Instead of screaming about things they don’t understand, these protesters should pick up a book or two and think twice before spouting off utter garbage just because they don’t like President Donald Trump.

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Source: Dem Promo Was Originally An Anti-Capitalist Socialism Rally

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