Weird: Press Freak After Unexplained Sighting in WH Window

Have they completely lost their minds?

Almost anybody with a cat has watched them mindlessly chase a red laser dot across the room. It looks like the mainstream media is just as easily distracted by red lights, if their reaction to a viral video is any indication.

On Sunday evening, WOFL News posted a video of the White House with a flashing red light appearing to come from a top floor window. “What do you think the flashing lights are in the White House right now?” asked reporter Tom Johnson. “They seem to be inside the 2nd floor residence.”

That innocent question sparked a widespread discussion on Twitter, and formerly serious journalists seemed obsessed with floating new theories about the light.

“Pay no mind to the White House’s new orb wing,” quipped Los Angeles Times correspondent Matt Pearce, in a refernce to Trump’s recent Saudi Arabia visit.

Many respected reporters quickly picked up the pseudo story. “Red lights flashing at the White House. What’s going on? We’re checking on it,” Emmy-award winning journalist Robbin Simmons assured her followers.

The popular news source Breaking911 also joined the bizarre speculation. “Strange red lights are illuminating inside the White House, reason unknown,” the site cryptically shared with its hundreds of thousands of followers.

It apparently never occurred to highly educated reporters that glass windows might reflect bright lights at night.

“Sean Spicer confirms red lights at WH last night were ‘the reflection of an ambulance that was in Lafayette park,’” wrote New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi.

Yes, that’s right: The self-appointed gatekeepers of America’s journalistic integrity spent hours worrying about ambulance lights in one of the busiest cities in the nation.

It would be easy to simply dismiss the strange incident as just an online joke, but the media’s obsession with completely irrelevant questions seems to be a growing trend.

While journalists frequently turn a blind eye to major stories such as Hillary Clinton’s corruption or the horrors of the Department of Veterans Affairs, their focus is on silly speculation and competitions to see who can make the best Twitter joke.

The left-leaning mainstream media seems to have the attention span of teenage schoolboys, with the minds to match. Thankfully, Americans have noticed — even if dying media outlets have not.

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Source: Weird: Press Freak After Unexplained Sighting in WH Window

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