WATCH: You’ll Freak When These “Leaves” Start to Move

Nature provides us with some awesome sights, and thanks to the internet, we can share these everyday miracles rather easily.

Case in point: A video of some strange “leaves” has gone viral because of the way they are moving.

They are not falling from trees or blowing in the wind, they are literally moving on their own power.

Take a look:

Of course, the critters in the video aren’t actually leaves, they are insects called Phylliidae , and they are amazing to watch.

In nature these amazing bugs can be found on islands in the Indian Ocean, and in parts of South Asia, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

They use camouflage as a means of survival. Parts of their bodies even look like worn, discolored areas of leaves to confuse predators. When they walk, their bodies sway back and forth to mimic a leaf being blown in the wind.

Often referred to as “walking leaves,” these insects belong in the order of stick insects, along with the more commonly known walking stick.

Walking leaves are, according to website “Keeping Insects,” one of the largest species of insects that are kept as a pet.

Yes, a pet.

Keeping an insect as a pet is not generally the first thing we think of when bugs come to mind. Most of the time, we equate the word “insect” with annoying bugs that make our lives difficult. In fact, some bugs can make our lives downright miserable. Some are even deadly.

But these creatures remind us that some insects can be beautiful — as only everyday miracles can be.

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Source: Watch: Leaves Turn Out to Be Camouflaged Bugs

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