WATCH: Target Issues SICK Response After Woman Harassed In Dressing Room. It’s Infuriating.

They should be ashamed.

Shopping SHOULD BE one of the safest activities you could participate in. You are usually surrounded by people in a well-lit area and a security system of some kind is typically being used.

At a local Target, however, an unnamed woman caught a man looking at her with his camera while she was trying on clothes in a changing room, according to ABC 13. The sick part, allegedly, is that NO ONE from Target tried to stop him! Their response after the fact was insufficient and they don’t appear to be making ANY policy changes. Thank God for the one hero shopper who DID try to help.

It is disturbing that Target would have this response, especially considering their association with the Democrats. We were always under the impression that liberals and feminists always work hard to protect women around the world. Well, we know for a fact they DO NOT care about women around the world; they only focus on non-issues that average Americans don’t care about.

After this situation occurred, the woman suggested ideas like keeping the men and women’s changing areas separated, which seems like a PERFECTLY normal response. Logic would tell you that Target would jump on this chance to make things right. However, instead of taking the advice, they IGNORED her.

How is it possible to be that inconsiderate? If it were the owner’s daughter, sister, or mother in that situation, we bet they would change their tune. Target should WANT people comfortable while they shop there, not looking over their shoulder in fear.

If Target is going to continue facilitating perverts in their stores, they can expect customers to go elsewhere. No one wants to be around that disgusting behavior. Target staff should be ASHAMED of themselves!

As the woman told her story, she recalled her hero, Russell Sevier. Out of EVERYONE in the store, he is the ONLY one who stood up to this “man”. Sevier chased the man throughout the building and surveillance photos show him capturing a photo of the man, which is not being used to track him down.

Eyewitnesses, including the victim, reported that the man had a child in a stroller with him at the time of the crime. The relationship between the man and the child is unknown, but once he is captured more information will undoubtedly be released.

Target had the worst, most generic response you could possibly imagine. Target started it with typically canned language. “We want all of our guests to have a safe and welcoming experience whenever they shop at our store,” they said. Based on that alone, you can see where they went. It was all just a bunch of PR gobbledygook.

You would think that they would want to meet with this woman. At least then they could look her in the face and apologize for the fact she was a victim in their store, and that the ONLY person who helped didn’t even work there.

It is a disgusting crime, no doubt. The man needs to be captured and punished. Stores are places for people to shop in peace and should remain so.

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Source: WATCH: Target Issues SICK Response After Woman Harassed In Dressing Room. It’s Infuriating.

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