WATCH: Reporter Drops Bombshell About Comey & Lynch’s ‘Secret Relationship’

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James Comey’s testimony before the Senate set off several bombshells. The biggest may be that Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, used her clout to disrupt and obstruct the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

According to his own testimony, Comey felt uneasy with Lynch’s efforts to change the Clinton “investigation” into a simple “matter.” However, John Solomon, the head of Circa News, has asserted that Comey and Lynch had SEVERAL secret meetings, via Gateway Pundit.

Solomon has also claimed that the truth about these secret meetings will come out soon. How can they not? With the onslaught of leaks we’re seeing week in and week out, it’s only a matter of time before everything becomes public knowledge.

Did Lynch and Comey meet to further discuss blocking the Clinton investigation? Some circumstantial evidence shows that might be the case.

A leaked email from a high-ranking Democrat operative claimed that Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going “too far,” via New York Times.

Lynch also met with former President Bill Clinton to have a secret discussion — one that resulted in a Democrat strategy to obstruct the FBI’s case against Hillary.

Not to be outdone, former FBI agents have come forward to call Comey a “dirty cop.” Christopher Farrell, of Judicial Watch, has publicly admitted that veteran and active special agents have told him that Comey deliberately obstructed the Clinton investigation, via Daily Caller.

It appears that Comey and Lynch were made for each other.

Both have connections to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In Comey’s case, he once served as the prosecutor in the case against Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor.

Comey refused to prosecute Berger after Berger stole incriminating information from the National Archives. Many of these stolen papers reportedly show that President Clinton knew about the 9/11 plot, but refused to execute Osama bin Laden, or seriously attack al-Qaeda, via Washington Post.

Comey’s brother also does tax work for the Clinton Foundation, which routinely launders money and engages in pay-for-play schemes across the world, Gateway Pundit.

As for Lynch, she is much closer to Obama. However, in the wake of Clinton’s historic defeat, the former “Top Cop” of America called for “blood in the streets” in the name of political violence, YouTube.

President Trump should immediately begin the process of investigating these two for their numerous violations, and corrupt practices. After they’ve been dealt with, the investigation should widen to include Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This is one swamp that desperately needs draining. If it remains in existence, then America will be nothing but a banana republic.

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Source: WATCH: Reporter Drops Bombshell About Comey & Lynch’s ‘Secret Relationship’

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