WATCH: Medal of Honor Recipient Issues POWERFUL Warning to America, Please Listen

Take heed!

The only reason ISIS is allowed to spread is because WE let it.

Medal of Honor Recipient and Afghan War Veteran Dakota Meyer appeared on Fox & Friends to offer his simple solution to fighting ISIS. We need to “release the gates of hell,” and make war so ugly ISIS cannot recruit new soldiers, he discussed on the show. “You can’t just ignore this problem, because it’s going to come HERE,” Meyer stated, via Fox News.

“At least we have a president in place that is not going to allow us to be the victim,” explained Meyer. “You can guarantee he’s going to do whatever it’s going to take.”

We cannot allow another Manchester Arena bombing to occur on our watch. We cannot sit back and let the terrorists regroup and plan another attack.

ISIS and the other terror groups, such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban, are Stone Age barbarians. We have the military, financial, cultural, and moral upper hand — yet, we are losing the war.

Our country has the strongest military in the history of mankind and we are too afraid to use it. In any other time period, our military leaders would not hesitate to blow ISIS out of the water.

But, our culture has become too decadent and soft. We are acting like the Romans before the fall as barbarians gather outside of our gates.

The only reason ISIS has not been utterly destroyed is because of its allies in the mainstream media who protect them from criticism. Cultural Marxists and moral relatives have convinced too many people that it is morally wrong to defend ourselves.

We need to utterly reject this line of thinking. Terrorists are rats. They are monsters and they know no remorse. Terrorists only understand fear, and we need to show them the fear of God. We must be unashamed in the fight against terror and proud of our way of life.

The Manchester bombing occurred because we let it occur. British police were monitoring the terrorist, but were unable to act due to political correctness.

We are the heirs of over 2000 years of cultural and technological advancement and we are letting it slip through our fingers out of fear of hurting the terrorists’ feelings. Does that seem right to you?

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Source: WATCH: Medal of Honor Recipient Issues POWERFUL Warning to America, Please Listen

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