WATCH: Manchester Bomber’s Father Issues SICK Response to Son’s Horrific Crime

What is he thinking?

After eight years of Obama, the threat of radical Islam is always present, and the recent Manchester bombings are a sick reminder of that.

The Manchester bomber’s father has issued a response to his son’s horrific crime. He claims that his son is innocent. How much more proof to the contrary does this man need? (via Time).

What’s that old saying? Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. The son’s body was found at the site of the explosion, and the evidence is mounting up. This man should take responsibility for his son’s actions.

Maybe this guy is just having a hard time admitting his son was an evil loser. There is simply too much evidence to ignore. There is even videotaped footage of the incident. The eyes don’t lie.

This isn’t surprising, patriots. Radical Islam isn’t about logic, evidence, and common sense. This extremist ideology is all about sending a message and slaughtering infidels. They don’t care about the truth.

Look around, people. Western civilization is under attack. How did it get to this point? Obama and his globalist buddies are to blame. They made it easier for people to travel over borders, so now we are living amongst unvetted refugees and foreigners.

The globalists are committed to tearing down borders. They don’t care how many people get hurt. They are married to this idea of a “global community.” America has spoken. We don’t want a one world order. We just want to be America.

The radical Left is also dedicated to globalism. Liberals are trying to undermine our sovereignty. We need to bring back jobs, not import workers to take our scarce jobs. Honestly, how traitorous can they get?

The mainstream media has tirelessly pushed this agenda on us. Because of these globalist policies, we are confronted with radical Islam and Sharia law within our own borders. Of course, the media ignores those stories.

The media would rather focus on conspiracy theories, like the “U.S.-Russia” narrative. Thankfully, those narratives have largely been discredited by their own leftist goons. The media and the liberals are going to work overtime to get more Democrats into office. We cannot let this happen. We need stronger borders, and we need a safer America built on the foundations of law and justice.

Thank goodness we have Trump to push back against radical Islam. With Trump in office, we will build a wall, increase vetting for refugees, and keep America safe.

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Source: WATCH: Manchester Bomber’s Father Issues SICK Response to Son’s Horrific Crime

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