WATCH: London Terror Victims Defy Liberal Media, Reveal Jihadist’s CHILLING Message

We must remain vigilant.

Thankfully, because of citizen journalism spread on social media, the real message terrorists sent the night of the London Bridge attack is online for all to see.

One man, Gerard, who witnessed multiple terrorist stabbings that night has come out to say he heard terrorists saying, “this is for Allah!”  The media will try to pretend these cowards had no motivation — but it’s clear Islam drove them to murder innocents. (via Telegraph)

The mainstream media likes to pick and choose what to report in moments like this. No doubt, they will never acknowledge that the terrorists yelled out their motivation.

If it weren’t for pictures from the scene, the media would never even acknowledge the nationality of the attackers. You have to ask yourself, who is this selective reporting serving?

It certainly isn’t helping those like Gerard, who had to flee the scene in terror. It isn’t helping the families of the victims, who just want answers as to why their loved one is forever torn from them.

Nor is the selective reporting doing anything to stop wave after wave of terror attacks from hitting Britain, Europe, the United States, and the world.

The only people who are served by the media’s refusal to acknowledge the truth are the terrorists and the globalists who want open borders.

One other thing you might notice from Gerard’s testimony is that he was without a weapon, and entirely defenseless.

He explains that he was trying to warn people, and was trying to help whoever he could, but acknowledges that if he had slowed down, the terrorists would have stabbed him, too.

This is just one reason why we need to protect our gun rights in America. If someone fleeing this horrible tragedy had a gun, they could have saved lives by ending the terrorist’s spree even before the London police arrived. Instead, six people died, more than thirty were injured, and many families will never be the same. (via Telegraph)

It’s not Gerard’s fault, or the fault of any other bystander — but the fault of the British government, rather — that no one was able to defend themselves. It’s the fault of the mainstream media that so many Europeans, and even Americans, still remain ignorant as to why these attacks are happening.

A dishonest media and a nanny state are truly a deadly combination. Something has to change, now.

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Source: WATCH: London Terror Victims Defy Liberal Media, Reveal Jihadist’s CHILLING Message

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