WATCH: Liberals Throw Massive Anti-Trump Celebration, Immediately Get HUMILIATED

They got what was coming to them!

President Trump broke a promise. He said I would get tired of winning. I will NEVER get tired of winning!

The Union Pub in Washington, D.C., made a party yesterday morning out of James Comey’s Senate testimony. The bar offered to buy a round every time Donald Trump tweeted — but the president kept QUIET. Awesome. (via BizPacReview)

Liberals were awaiting Comey’s testimony like Christmas morning. They assumed Comey would confirm the alleged obstruction of justice and collusion between President Trump and the Russian government.

The Union Pub quickly filled up that Thursday morning with thirsty liberals. They assumed that this would finally be the end of President Trump and they were going to drink and celebrate.

However, Comey’s testimony only exonerated President Trump leaving liberals looking foolish, once again, as all of their insane conspiracy theories were proven wrong.

Pictures from the bar reveal a dour-faced crowd. The reaction was reminiscent of the time Rachel Maddow obtained a copy of Trump’s taxes only to reveal that he met his obligations.

Or even worse for liberals, the faces of the guests at the bar were almost as long as they were on election night when all of their hopes and dreams were shattered by a man of action.

The former FBI director’s testimony ultimately revealed that Democrats have been pursuing a witch hunt. President Trump has never been under investigation for connections to the Russian government, and Comey admitted to being an FBI leaker and that he lied under oath.

Democrats were hoping the testimony would hurt the Republican Party, but their plans backfired. Comey ended up admitting that Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, interfered in the election and possibly obstructed the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. The entire procedure ended up exonerating Trump and implicating Democrats.

The Union Pub ended up taking pity on their patrons and bought everyone a round of beer. They were probably terrified that their guests would start rioting as liberals tend to do.

The only question remaining is how so many liberals were free on a Thursday morning to get drunk and watch C-SPAN.

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Source: WATCH: Liberals Throw Massive Anti-Trump Celebration, Immediately Get HUMILIATED

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