WATCH: Judge Jeanine Predicts D.C.’s Next Major Scandal – Look Who’s Panicking NOW

What a mess!

The Democrats made a huge mistake by asking James Comey to testify. The Senate hearing clearly revealed that the Russian narrative is a witch hunt.

Judge Jeanine Pirro roasted former FBI Director James Comey on Fox & Friends for leaking classified information to the press. “He is an operator. He is part of the Washington elite.” Chided Judge Jeanine. (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

“It’s clearly about revenge. This is a setup.” Says Judge Pirro about Comey’s decision to leak information about his private conversation with Trump. “This is a predator who is setting up the president.”

Former FBI Director James Comey admitted Thursday to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he was the source of a classified memo leaked to the failing New York Times.

According to the memo — which has not been verified — President Trump asked to meet alone with James Comey to seek the FBI Director’s loyalty.

The supposed memo also claims that the president asked Comey to go easy on Trump’s friend, and former national security advisor, General Michael Flynn — who was being investigated for connections to Russia.

We may never know whether the contents of the memo are true, or a fabrication of Comey’s — but it is obvious that the information was leaked to get revenge on President Trump.

James Comey was humiliated when he learned of his termination through a news broadcast while addressing a room of FBI agents. The former director originally thought his firing was a joke. Comey was even more inflamed after President Trump questioned his leadership, and claimed that the FBI lost credibility under his watch.

So, Comey leaked the memo to The New York Times out of a thirst for revenge. Comey admitted that President Trump was not under investigation, but he thought he could force one by leaking the memo. The plot worked, and a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate Russian collusion, thus wasting the president’s valuable time.

James Comey is a member of the Washington elite, and was clearly attempting to protect his buddies in the establishment, just as he was accustomed to doing as FBI director.

Comey is a shrewd political agent, and his childish routine is not fooling anyone.

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Source: WATCH: Judge Jeanine Predicts D.C.’s Next Major Scandal – Look Who’s Panicking NOW

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