WATCH: Jason Chaffetz Goes OFF On Live TV Broadcast, Issues DIRE Warning to Comey

Will Comey listen?

All eyes are on former FBI Director James Comey, who is set to testify before Congress later this week.

Appearing on FOX News, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, warned yesterday that “If James Comey is not careful, he might be the one that lands in jail…”

The New York Times published the now infamous article three weeks ago today claiming that President Trump attempted to influence James Comey’s investigation into Russia before he was fired. (via New York Times)

The failing New York Times based their article on a memo that was supposedly written by Comey immediately after the controversial meeting with President Trump.

According to the memo, President Trump asked the then-FBI Director if he could ease off his investigation into General Michael Flynn. General Flynn is accused of colluding with the Russian government.

If you listen to the media, this “memo” is damning for President Trump. A president is not supposed to interfere in an FBI investigation — even if it is a politically motivated witch hunt.

However, these claims do not stand up to scrutiny. No one — including the New York Times, who broke the story — has EVER seen the Comey memo in question.

James Comey met with Representative Chaffetz earlier this week, but he refused to confirm or deny the existence of the memo. If the memo did exist, it would be considered an official government document — but the Justice Department has no records of the important memo.

Now, Jason Chaffetz is asking Comey to hand over all of the documents that he has kept hidden  — if they even exist — and not just the memo that’s “damaging” to President Trump. “What about Barack Obama? What about Attorney General Lorretta Lynch?” Chaffetz questioned. “If he is making records about these things, as the FBI Director, and we the American people are paying him, guess what, that’s a federal record. And so, you can’t just put that in your back pocket and walk it home.”

If the memo does exist, then it would be a classified federal record that James Comey illegally took from the Justice Department; a classified federal document that was eventually leaked to The New York Times.

James Comey is under fire, not only for the supposed memo but also for lying under oath when he claimed there was no influence on his investigation. James Comey’s lies are unraveling before his very eyes, and if he does not start telling the truth soon, he will end up behind bars.

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Source: WATCH: Jason Chaffetz Goes OFF On Live TV Broadcast, Issues DIRE Warning to Comey

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