WATCH: Gutfeld Reveals Truth about Liberal Hollywood Elites and Politics

This is spot on!

Greg Gutfeld is a political commentator who has spent a majority of his time at FOX News. He has proved to possess a real insight to some of the issues we are currently facing — including the rabid Left.

On Gutfeld’s show Saturday he spoke at length about Hollywood and how they are acting towards the Right, Centrists, and essentially everyone who does not agree with them. He explained that everyone should be happy about Karen Handel winning the special election, but all they are capable of feeling is pure rage. He said, “They demonize those who disagree, and then they wonder why America is so divisive.”

Wow, Gutfeld hit the nail on the head with that remark. We have witnessed all of the liberal Hollywood stars act like nutjobs, then call Trump Hitler and a fascist. They are accusing the President of being EXACTLY what they are, and they don’t seem to see it.

Democrats work so hard to bring down everyone who does not agree with them. We watched Johnny Depp seemingly call for the assassination of President Trump last week. No one even batted an eye, in fact, people CHEERED!

Then you have people like Kathy Griffin taking photo shoots with replicas of a bloody Trump head. She is BLATANTLY inciting violence. When we DID stand up to her, she gave a phony apology. Not long after that, she came out crying and saying that Trump ruined her life.

Listen, Griffin; Trump did not ruin your life. You made your own decisions, and now you have to live with them. Did you think you could be edgy and demonstrate killing the President like an ISIS terrorist without consequences?

On the same note, you have people like Hollywood director Josh Fox calling President Trump a TERRORIST because of a change in the health care law. Is this real life right now?

The only TERRORISTS we see are the ones staging VIOLENT protests against people who just want to speak to the public. They are the ones who call people fascists while knocking them on the ground and kicking them in the stomach because they have different political beliefs. Using physical violence to promote your political beliefs is Fascism 101!!

Democrats exist in this echo chamber where they are only willing to listen to people who think as they do. Any form of real, rational debate vanished from this country approximately eight years ago. The Left does not want to talk anymore; they want to silence those who disagree. It is a frightening notion, but they are NOT going to let up until we stand up to them.

How are we supposed to advance as a country if half of the people hate the President because the media tells them they should? If you ASK these people why they hate Trump, they can’t even give you a logical, well thought out answer! All you hear from them is “HE IS A RACIST!” If you say “prove it,” then YOU are a racist. There is no winning. The only message the Left seems to understand is force.

We are not going to sit idly by and get bullied by people for thinking differently than they do, not in OUR country! If they believe they can overthrow the Patriots of this country, they have another thing coming!

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Source: WATCH: Gutfeld Reveals Truth about Liberal Hollywood Elites and Politics

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