WATCH: “Grenade Fishing” Is a Blast… Unless This Happens

Umm … grenades are pretty dangerous. What did these guys expect?

In some parts of the world there are people who engage in a rather dangerous and incredibly stupid method for catching fish known as “grenade fishing.”

Yes, grenade fishing is a real thing, and it involves tossing live grenades into a body of water so they will explode beneath the surface, with the underwater blast and concussion either stunning or killing a number of fish that then float to the surface to be collected.

However, this technique is destructive to underwater habitats and can kill many other aquatic species the people aren’t necessarily trying to catch or kill. It can also be severely injurious or fatal to the fisherman utilizing the technique if not done right.

In the following video from 2015, some Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine display how to fish with grenades, though their “catch” at the end seemed rather meager given the trouble they went to in trying to get it.

In a different video shared by Wide Open Spaces and the U.K. Daily Mail, thought to be from Russia in 2012 and framed as an example of grenade fishing gone wrong, two men seen standing in an inflatable raft are nearly thrown overboard after a dropped grenade exploded prematurely upon impact with the water.

Both men were knocked down by the blast and much of the equipment in the boat was sent flying overboard, though the boat itself seemed to emerge from the incident relatively unscathed.


The video had initially been uploaded to LiveLeak, where it was remarked that the entire scene seemed like a movie stunt gone horribly wrong.

In an update to the post later, the LiveLeak staff added, “Apparently this is from a shooting of the Expendables 2 movie. 1 Stunt man died and another guy is hospitalized.”

That appears to be the case, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which revealed that the injured stunt man was suing the the film’s producers and production company for the injuries, pain, and suffering he had experienced due to what he termed “reckless” negligence on their part.

It also turned out that the scene had been filmed on the Ognyanovo Reservoir in Bulgaria in 2011, not Russia in 2012 as had been reported by other sources.

Regardless, both videos show the general idiocy of using explosive grenades to catch fish — although if one is hungry enough and has no fishing equipment but does possess grenades, and a way to stay safe in the aftermath, well… bombs away, I suppose.

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Source: Watch: Grenade Fishing Goes Exactly How You’d Think it Does

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