WATCH: Former FBI Agent DESTROYS Comey For His Crimes. It’s Epic.

This takes him down a notch!

FBI agents are speaking out in support of President Trump, thanking him for firing the corrupt former FBI Director James Comey.

One retired FBI agent released a video condemning James Comey, saying, “You have made some very horrible, irreversible mistakes, and not only the employees of the FBI are paying for it, but the nation… the people of the United States… the people who you swore to serve.”

Cesar Paz is a retired special agent for the FBI. He believes that President Trump was right to fire Comey for embarrassing the Bureau.

The former FBI agent blamed Comey for the low agent morale in the department. He explained that his fellow agents breathed a sigh of relief when Comey was removed from the top spot.

Comey liked to pretend that he understood what his agents were facing, but the former FBI director was never trained as an agent. Comey was an attorney and corporate executive before being tapped by Obama to manage the FBI.

The agents in the FBI could tell that their director was not one of them. The estrangement coupled with the flagrant violation of protocol led to low morale in even the most seasoned agents.

However, former director Comey’s biggest error was throwing the reputation of the FBI into disrepute. Comey violated the cardinal sin of the FBI — maintaining the integrity of the top law force.

Retired Special Agent Paz maintained that Comey’s behavior as director tarnished the reputation of the FBI. The Bureau was made to look even worse when Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee late last week that he was too weak to stand up to President Trump or even inform the president that his comments crossed a line.

“Do you have any idea what you looked like in front of the world?!” Asked Paz.  “Do you have any idea what you looked like to directors or chiefs of other foreign intelligence or criminal agencies… or how you looked to our enemies… a weak man!”

Cesar Paz expressed his hope that the next director of the FBI will be a stronger man than Comey; a director who is willing to stand up for the law and the FBI.

James Comey was weak-willed as FBI Director and bowed easily to political pressure. Even after being fired Comey resorted to cowardly leaks to seek revenge on President Trump. Despite his tall stature – Comey is a very a small man.

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Source: WATCH: Former FBI Agent DESTROYS Comey For His Crimes. It’s Epic.

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