WATCH: Famous Texan Lets Loose In Live Interview, Drops EPIC Truth Bomb Liberals Hate To Hear

The truth hurts!

Islamic terror attacks are only going to become more frequent until Europe admits that they made a mistake by letting in millions of so-called Syrian refugees.

Representative Louie Gohmert from Texas took aim at political correctness in a recent interview on Fox News. Gohmert explained that We the People elected President Trump because he was the only candidate not afraid of being political incorrect, allowing him to address radical Islamic terror.

Gohmert was asked to appear on Fox to discuss political correctness in the wake of the terror attack on the London Bridge that occurred late Saturday evening.

On June 3rd, three Muslim men drove a van plowing through pedestrians on the London Bridge until crashing the vehicle into a bus stop. The terrorists then exited the van and started a stabbing spree.

Seven were killed and 48 more were injured in the most recent terror attack in England. Police responded immediately and shot the three suspects to death — they were all wearing what appeared to be suicide bombing vests.

The vests were fake, causing police to suspect that the men were planning to die in the attack, allowing themselves to become martyrs for Islam.

United Kingdom Police have arrested 12 others in connection to the terror attack. Like the recent Manchester Arena bombing, this attack was coordinated by an underground terror network operating in the shadows of British society.

“The heartland knew these things were coming and that’s why they elected Donald Trump,” explained Gohmert. “So thank God that he understands the seriousness of this issue and he’s not being distracted by people who want to scream about political correctness because we’re talking about people’s lives.”

Liberals who immediately jump to the defense of Muslims after any terrorist attack are part of the problem, and are actually offering cover for the terrorists hoping to destroy our way of life. Screaming Islamophobia only makes it easier for Muslims to plot their attacks without fear of detection.

Time and time again, people have come out after an attack claiming they saw something suspicious but did not report it out of fear of being political incorrect.

Islam believes they are fighting a holy war against us. They are willing to do anything to spread their barbaric faith, and we must always remember that if you see something, say something; political correctness be damned.

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Source: WATCH: Famous Texan Lets Loose In Live Interview, Drops EPIC Truth Bomb Liberals Hate To Hear

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