WATCH: Bombshell Blonde Uses PERFECT Video to Troll “Whiny Snowflake” Liberals

Watch this ASAP!

The video is clearly satire, because no liberal looks this good.

Social media personality, The Conservative Millennial, reveals the warped mentality of liberal snowflakes by doing an impression of a fellow millennial arriving for her first day of work. (via Biz Pac Review)

The video perfectly captures the mentality of young liberals who believe they are owed everything, and are not required to work for what they have.

Social justice has nothing to do with addressing the few remaining cases of systematic discrimination or oppression in our great country. The movement is purely motivated by power and politics.

Men have historically been responsible for going to work and providing for their families. Since men have spent more time as bread winners, there are more men in positions of power.

When feminists complain about the “white male patriarchy,” they’re actually attempting to gain power by delegitimizing the contributions of men.

Bogus concepts, such as “mansplaining,” and “man-spreading,” are invented to silence, and demonize, men. Any criticisms offered by men can be ignored by feminists, due to “male privilege.”

The entire philosophy is dedicated to justifying an increase in power for women and minorities. Historic barriers preventing women from entering the workplace have been removed, but instead of competing with men in the new environment, feminists resort to ideological warfare to increase their societal power.

It’s clear that power is the motivating force behind feminism, because feminists ignore opportunities to help the truly oppressed. For example, the misogynistic beliefs taught under Islam are of no concern to feminists. Yet, white men are attacked because they wear t-shirts to class.

Feminist ideology promotes the behavior this young woman so eloquently mocked. The Harvard grad never learned the importance of hard work. Instead, they learned how to get what they want through complaining, and protesting.

Now, we have an entire generation of young people who expect a handout. Work ethic is not required to get ahead for liberals. All you need, in their world, is a heavy dose of self-righteousness.

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Source: WATCH: Bombshell Blonde Uses PERFECT Video to Troll “Whiny Snowflake” Liberals

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