WATCH: Antifa Punk Tries Burning Flag, Doesn’t See Trump Biker Behind Him

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” That line about one of film’s most famous anarchist villains could also be used to describe the radical “antifa” group — at least if its obsession with burning the American flag is any indication.

Over the weekend, conservatives and free speech advocates organized a peaceful parade in Oregon. When the militant leftist antifa types got wind of march, however, they reportedly began assaulting Trump supporters and snatched phones from the hands of rally participants.

One of the most heated incidents happened when a male leftist demonstrator dressed as a woman began to burn an American flag while protesters cheered.

However, that disrespectful action caught the attention of nearby bikers — and the whole altercation was caught on camera.

One of the bikers grabbed the still-burning flag from the transgender protester before it could be destroyed. The antifa group exchanged harsh words with the Trump supporters, but it quickly became apparent that their leftist bark was worse than their bite.

To their credit, the large bikers kept cool heads during the incident and stood their ground while socialists wearing masks screamed obscenities.

You can watch the incident right here (WARNING: Offensive language is prominent in the video):


The video and others like it show the true nature of groups like antifa: confused — and apparently unemployed — agitators who seem to be against everything American while standing for nothing concrete.

Though they claim to be “anti-fascist,” demonstrators such as these appear only to want to offend as many people as possible while tearing down everything around them. Civilization and American success seem to be what they truly oppose, while the “antifa” label is nothing but a facade.

It is very telling that while the conservative bikers had no problem showing their faces to the police and countless cameras, the other side was absolutely terrified of being identified. They hide behind masks and anarchist symbols and yell empty phrases while saying nothing.

Like spoiled toddlers throwing tantrums, these types of protesters likely will face two options: Grow up, or face the fact that the patience of the adults is rapidly running out.

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Source: Watch: Antifa Punk Tries Burning Flag, Doesn’t See Trump Biker Behind Him

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