WATCH: Air Force’s “Elephant Walk” Is Designed to Scare the Pants Off of Kim Jong Un

This sends a message!

Dictators who pick a fight with America eventually realize they’re way in over their heads. There’s a reason the USA is the most powerful and respected nation on Earth. Our military is second-to-none.

Kim Jong-un is learning that for himself. Although he’s been running his mouth like a spoiled brat for the last several months, he’s starting to see that messing with the U.S. isn’t fun and games. Recently, the U.S. Air Force ran an “elephant walk” exercise at a military base in Japan, sending an intimidating message to the North Korean leader (via Popular Mechanics).

Kim Jong-un has been pushing for his country to develop nuclear capabilities that would threaten America. Despite economic pressure from the international community, he won’t relent. Now our military is being clear: you back-off or you go down.

An “elephant walk” is an exercise in which aircraft squadrons are moved along the ground in close formation, much like they would be during wartime. The purpose is to prepare a pilot for quick response in an urgent combat situation.

The elephant walk was held at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. It was a MASSIVE exercise, comprising HH-60 Pave Hawks, KC-135 Stratotankers, E-3 Sentries, and two squadrons of F-15 Eagles. Can you imagine what Kim Jong-un thought when he saw that? He was probably speechless!

Elephant walks have been performed since WWII. In those days, they were used for real combat. It wasn’t uncommon to have over 1,000 aircraft at a time flying over enemy skies. American firepower is unmatched!

Nowadays, we don’t send our aircraft out to perform massive air raids. But it’s good to let our enemies know we have the means to do so if they cross any red line in the sand. That’s why the Air Force makes sure everyone knows when we carry out an elephant walk.

This isn’t the only action our military has taken to show Kim Jong-un what we’re made of. The Navy recently sent a carrier strike group to Kim’s back door as a warning to ease up on his antics. And President Trump has made clear he’s ready to order a preemptive strike against North Korea’s nuclear program (via NBC News).

One thing is clear: Kim Jong-un is playing to lose. He’s escalating tensions with the US in hopes that he’ll intimidate the entire world into giving in to his whims. He thinks that by holding a few missile tests here and there he’ll have us eating out of the palm of his chubby little hand. What a sleazeball! He’s out of his mind if he thinks he can push us around.

North Korea has nothing going for them right now. Kim’s threats come from what he MIGHT be able to do IF he ever manages to get a missile off the ground. American force is real, and right at his doorstep. One order from President Trump and all those aircraft would be above North Korea in no time, turning Kim and his entire army to dust.

There’s no way Kim can win and he knows it. Going toe-to-toe with the US would be suicide for him. And that’s the last thing he wants. After all, he’s living the good life of a dictator. Like all communist leaders, he lives like a king while his citizens live in equality — all equally POOR.

Kim Jong-un is an attention seeker. He thinks that if he fakes it long enough, we’ll eventually start to fear him. That might have worked under Obama, but now we have real leadership thanks to Trump. The North Korean tyrant better quit messing around or his days will be numbered.

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Source: WATCH: Air Force’s “Elephant Walk” Is Designed to Scare the Pants Off of Kim Jong Un

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