WARNING: Russian Military Officer Admits Horrifying Plan to Kill MILLIONS of Americans

This is terrifying!

We are watching the beginning of a new Cold War with even higher stakes than the last.

A former colonel and Russian military spokesman accidentally detailed Putin’s plan to kill millions of Americans. He described how Russia has been burying “sleeper nukes” along our coastlines. (via Daily Mail)

The nuclear weapons are able to dig themselves underground into the ocean and detonate to cause massive tsunamis, obliterating American coastal cities.

The defense ministry spokesman admitted that Russia cannot compete with our military, and is forced to rely on asymmetrical warfare.

As a dark continuation of the Cold War, Russia has planted the nukes to stave off war between the two global powers. If war breaks out, Russia aims for the total destruction of America.

Our historic enemy has apparently been seeding our coastline with these nukes for years, and we would be defenseless against the dispersed waves crashing against our coast.

However, the sleeper nukes are just one part of the plan. The former colonel also described how the Russian military has developed weapons that cannot be tracked.

Russian scientists have developed nuclear weapons that can modify their course mid-flight so computers would be unable to track and destroy them.

The former colonel cut himself off before revealing further plans of the Russian military. A spokesman for the Russian government dismissed the remarks as strange ramblings in an attempt to cover their tracks and prevent an American response. The knowledge of the submarine weapons is deeply troubling, as they would be impossible to stop. Even the attempt to search for the submerged devices could prompt the Russians into detonating their devices.

The remarks were uttered during what has been described as the lowest point in American-Russian relations in decades.

This could be the beginning of a new Cold War with the Russian bear.

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Source: WARNING: Russian Military Officer Admits Horrifying Plan to Kill MILLIONS of Americans

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