Viral Video: People Are Screaming “Abuse” Over Snake’s “Cuddle Partner”

This snake has a unique … “friend.”

We live in an age where anything posted on the internet is subject to extreme scrutiny and harsh judgement. Occasionally some of this criticism is merited, but other times it is completely unnecessary.

A video that has gone viral over the past few days has once again stirred up the internet into a debate over parenting skills. The video shows a massive yellow snake cuddling with a small child.

In the 40 second video, the two appear to be watching television, and at one point the snake looks like it is yawning. The comments under the video range from people screaming abuse, to self-proclaimed “experts” insisting there is no danger.

“I don’t feel this is safe this is a snake at the end of the day the mother needs to be investigated,” reads one of the comments under the video that was posted on LADBible’s Facebook page.

“Them parents (sic) are stupid. No matter how friendly you think your snake is, it’s still a snake. You can’t change its natural behaviours. All it would take is one sudden wrap around the kid and the girls (sic) dead,” read another comment.

After all the backlash online, the father of the young girl posted a comment under the video that he had uploaded to YouTube, stating that his daughter was safe, and that the snake didn’t pose any threat to his family.

You can watch the video here:

“My daughter is perfectly safe. Interaction with any animal and child must always be supervised. No, it is not sizing her up. That is a stupid myth. So is the yawning before they eat. Absolute rubbish,” he stated.

The “sizing her up” comment refers to several internet “experts” who insisted that when the snake yawned it was actually seeing how wide its jaws would need to expand to fit around the child’s head.

“Do you know what this snake loves to eat? Rats. She loves rats. Won’t eat anything else. For the love of God I have tried rabbit but she is a really fussy madam. She just eats defrosted rats,” he wrote, adding that this snake was raised in captivity. “No we have never been bitten.”

I’d be willing to be this is the last time that girl’s father posts a video of his child and the snake playing together.

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Source: Snake Recorded “Relaxing” on Couch With Little Girl

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