Twitter Utterly Destroys Amy Schumer’s New Movie Right Before Mother’s Day

When Amy Schumer’s latest comedy special got a putrid rating on Netflix when it debuted earlier this year, the liberal comedian blamed the “alt-right” and supporters of President Trump.

Now, Schumer has a new movie out and it’s getting a similarly cold reception, leading us to wonder who she’ll blame this time. Pepe the Frog? 4chan? Judge Crater?

Schumer’s “Snatched” also stars Goldie Hawn playing Schumer’s mother in a ridiculous South American kidnap caper released just in time for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, even reviewers didn’t like it — Saturday morning it held a 37 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to Christy Lemire’s two-star review at — a site which shares the liberal proclivities of its late namesake —  “Hawn and Schumer are stuck playing barely-there characters stumbling from one wacky scenario to the next. A cadre of kooks helps them along the way. Both women supposedly shift away from their comfort zones and closer to each other in the process. The end.”

Who wouldn’t want to see that? Well, almost everybody, if you believe Twitter.

Well, with reviews like that…

It was hardly just the conservative denizens of social media who weren’t too jazzed about Schumer’s latest. BuzzFeed’s Alison Wilmore said it was “(a)n exhausted dead end for a type of comedy that Schumer and Lena Dunham, in particular, became famous for in the last decade.”

Megan Garber of the Atlantic said “‘Snatched’ is a trip very much like the one it portrays: one that, in the end, does a pretty poor job of putting the ‘fun’ in ‘unrefundable.’”

And here’s one of the positive reviews, from Christopher Lawrence of the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “‘Snatched’ isn’t a great movie. Large parts of it barely even make sense.”

So, who’s to blame this time? Take your bets, people. I’m going with Sean Spicer, myself.

I can only guarantee you of one thing, though — whoever or whatever Schumer blames, it won’t be her comedic ability.

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Source: Twitter Users Slam Amy Schumer’s New “Snatched” Movie

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