Town Only Has 1 Cop… So They Pass a Law That Has Libs Crying Fascism

Liberals ruin EVERYTHING!

Nelson, a tiny town in Georgia that contained only about 1,400 residents and just one cop tried to use an important lesson from history to reduce its already low crime rate in 2013, but then ran into a pesky snafu: liberals.

The lesson originated with Kennesaw, another small Georgia town that passed a law 35 years ago mandating that every household contain at least one firearm with ammunition.

Subsequently, the crime rate in the 5,000-resident town plummeted by 89 percent. And even by 2010, at which point the population had swelled to 35,000, the crime rate remained significantly lower than average.

“According to the latest FBI statistics, Kennesaw recorded 31 violent crimes — mainly robberies and aggravated assaults — during 2008,” noted the Financial Times in a report published seven years ago. “In other similar-sized local towns the figures were much higher — 127 in Dalton and 188 in Hinesville.”

When Nelson’s five-member city council passed the Family Protection Act four years ago mandating that all heads of households maintain firearms, they did so hoping that it would lead to similar results in their town.

“With all of the talk about taking away guns, Nelson is telling our people, you’ve got a Second Amendment right to buy and keep arms,” councilman Jackie Jarrett told USA Today at the time.

There was just one problem: the liberals at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, who promptly filed a lawsuit against the city once the ordinance became law.

And sadly, Nelson eventually acquiesced to their demands, agreeing to add the following two stipulations to the original bill:

“WHEREAS, many members of the City Council believe that possessing a firearm in the home is an effective means to defend residents and the community; and …”

“WHEREAS, the City Council also recognizes that there are other means available to defend families and homes, and the Constitution protects the rights of Americans to choose not to possess a firearm or bring one into the home …”

By doing that, Nelson’s city council essentially nullified the ordinance, thus turning it into nothing more than a symbolic gesture. Granted, the town never really planned to enforce it anyway, as even the original bill reportedly included waivers for convicted felons, the mentally/physically challenged and even those who object to gun ownership.

Still, it’s a shame liberals couldn’t shut their traps for just one second to take a moment and pay heed to the lessons of history.

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Source: Town Only Has 1 Cop… So They Pass a Law That Has Libs Crying Fascism

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