Thug Quickly Realized He Broke Into The Wrong House When Woman Dispatched Wooden Justice

She showed him who was boss!

A thug who thought he had an easy target found out just how wrong he was when a a petite Tennessee woman took the law into her own hands and, armed with a baseball bat, defended herself against the armed man tried to force himself into her home.

According to WGCL-TV, an unnamed 52-year-old Kingsport woman answered a knock at her door the night of April 29 to find a woman holding up a flyer showing a lost dog.

A few seconds later, however, a masked man appeared and after failing to pull the female resident outside, he pushed her back inside and yelled, “This is a robbery!”

The 4′ 11″ woman reached up and pulled the man’s mask partially off, revealing a familiar face in 34-year-old Joe Sotello, a longtime family friend. It was then she noticed what appeared to be a handgun tucked into his waistband.

Sotello’s face fell victim to the woman’s baseball bat

In a news release, the Kingsport Police Department reported that the woman acted quickly to defend herself and two 18-year-old women who were also in the home at the time. The diminutive woman reportedly grabbed a baseball from behind her door and fought back.

Not willing to stand idly by, the two teenagers engaged at this point in what police called “justifiable third-party defense” of the older woman. All three women successfully drove Sotello from the home onto the front yard while the woman who’d held the flyer fled the scene in a silver Honda.

Despite his attempts to get in the car with the woman fleeing the scene, Sotello could not escape the victim who “continued to get the better of him.”

Eventually, Sotello escaped on foot only to be found later at the home of one of the victim’s relatives, where he was detained until police arrived.

In police custody, Sotello finally confessed to the robbery after several false statements and justified his actions when he said he “had been going through some hard times.” His female accomplice later turned out to be his girlfriend.

If this woman had had a gun instead of a baseball bat, things would have been even worse for this admitted criminal. But either way, the thugs of the world should know, that victims can fight back.

Clearly this guy didn’t know this long time family friend could pack such a punch. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson!

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Source: Woman Beats Home Intruder’s Face With Baseball Bat

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