The US Just Gained a New Island

Scientists revealed that a new island formed off the coast of North Carolina.

According to U.K.’s Express, the island formed off Cape Point in Buxton in the same waters as the famous Bermuda Triangle. The island is now about a mile long and more than 400 feet wide.

However, experts warn tourists and residents not to explore the island. Live Science reported that humans officials worry about a possible spike in drownings in that area.

Another possibility – shark bites. And the island is in a popular fishing area so the surrounding seabed is likely rife with potentially dangerous hooks and other debris. On top of it all, the currents are extremely strong in that area.

Reide Corbett, a professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at East Carolina University told CBS News that those who want to visit the island can travel by kayak, boat, or paddle board, but asks that visitors remain careful in doing so.

“It’s pretty narrow and deep. You can’t walk across it. You have strong currents moving through there, particularly during tidal changes — that’s what could lead to real hazards,” he said.

“I discourage people from swimming across ’cause of that hazard. We do have, like any other beach, tragic drownings and a situation where you have a narrow channel with strong currents increases the hazard even more,” Corbett continued.

How long will this island stay? That’s a question not even scientists can answer.

“The thing about the Outer Banks — they are pretty dynamic,” Corbett explained.

“[The island] is kind of neat and interesting and provides new piece of land for people to explore, but it is a dynamic environment,” Reide told CBS News. “I wasn’t surprised to see it, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it disappear,” he concluded.

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Source: There Is a New Island off the Coast of NC

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