Teens Go Full PETA… Try to “Rescue” Fisherman’s Catch

There are a lot of so-called “environmentalists” out there who are nothing more than liberals who feel like protesting something just to feel good about themselves.

Some of these highly uninformed environmental activists were on display in May at Daytona Beach in Florida, when a large group of teenagers tried to wrestle a fisherman’s catch away from him, The Daytona Beach News Journal reported.

The man at the center of the scuffle had caught a 300-pound stingray, which upset the bleeding hearted liberal do-gooders on the beach. These folks thought the man had caught a manta ray (which is protected and therefore illegal to fish), so they tried to wrestle his catch away from him.

You’d think people who act so concerned with the environment would know the difference between a manta ray and a sting ray. Apparently they didn’t.

Luckily, police were on scene and were able to intervene before the fight got out of hand. No teenagers were arrested, though some had to be hauled away in handcuffs.

“The fisherman had the right to catch it,” Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue Capt. Mike Berard explained.

You can watch the full incident here.

“The crowd believed it was a manta ray, which is a protected species. A crowd started to build. Our guys went down there to disperse the crowd, some kids got verbal with the fisherman. There was some verbal exchanges and some taunting, but there was no arrest made,” Berard stated.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that in addition to physically trying to take the stingray away from the man, some of the teens verbally taunted him.

Sounds like a liberal. Don’t try to make reasonable arguments to defend your position — just assume everyone should agree with you and immediately resort to name calling and physical violence.

WOFL reported that several witnesses of the incident said the size of the stingray was what attracted the attention of many beachgoers.

PETA would be proud of what these teens did — they acted out of pure emotion, and didn’t bother to collect the facts and make sure the animal they were “saving” was what they thought it was.

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Source: Teens Go Full PETA to Rescue Stingray

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