Social Security Con Artist Loose… Acting Like Batman Villain

Comic books have served as an inspiration to millions of people all around the world. The tales of people fighting against injustice and standing for good have changed many people’s lives — as have the tales of crime and crafty criminals.

One con artist appears to be imitating a Batman villain by taunting the police after he escaped custody. Eric Conn, who was supposed to have been sentenced on Friday for the biggest Social Security fraud in history, has been on the run since June, the Washington Times reported.

After cutting his ankle monitor in June, Conn has sent letters to various news agencies and taunted the FBI over the fact that he has eluded them ever since he escaped.

That really does sound like something a Batman villain would do. What next, is he going to hold Gotham ransom until someone kills Batman?

The two whistle-blowers who helped expose Conn’s con (yes, it’s quite a punny coincidence) now fear for their lives. While Conn hasn’t made any moves against them so far, that doesn’t mean he won’t in the future.

“We both have serious concerns,” explained Jennifer Griffith, one of the witnesses. “I don’t know if he would come after us, but he was stupid enough to do it once. He was stupid enough to follow Sarah (the other witness).”

USA Today reported that Conn stole roughly $550 million dollars through his Social Security scam.

The Lexington Herald Leader reported that Conn fled to New Mexico after his escape, but that authorities have since lost his trail after finding his truck abandoned near the Mexican border.

Conn has lots of money at his disposal, and he clearly is clever enough to evade authorities for over a month. Hopefully the FBI will find him and lock him up (like they should have done in the first place) so that justice is served and the two witnesses can go back to living their lives in peace.

The two witnesses against him don’t deserve to live their lives in fear just because they did the right thing.

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Source: Social Security Con Artist on the Loose, Pulls Joker-Style Move

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