So, You’re Digging a Hole and This Pops Out…

Would you be able to show it who’s boss like this guy?

There are parts of the world where catching and handling wildly dangerous animals is a part of everyday life.

In places like India, Pakistan, and a few other areas of Southeast Asia, the cobra is not only a threat to humans, but it’s an integral part of their culture.

Here’s what it looks like to handle one like a professional.

That dude has definitely handled a highly venomous snake before!

There’s no telling if he was doing that village a favor and just ridding it of the cobra, or if he was harvesting it for a different reason, perhaps to sell.

Whatever the case hats off to this intrepid fellow for bagging a big bad cobra without ever getting too near its business end.

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Source: So, You’re Digging a Hole and This Pops Out…

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