Small Town Has Plan to Handle Aggressive Bear… Then SJWs “Save” the Day

Many liberal environmentalists are so wrapped up in self-righteousness that they often fail to see the stupidity of some of the petitions they start, or proposals they advocate for.

In yet another example of social justice warriors wallowing in their own ignorance, a group of bleeding-heart liberals have started a petition to save a female grizzly bear near Canmore in Alberta, Canada, CBC reported.

While that may sound perfectly acceptable, the only problem with this is that the bear that these do-gooders are trying to save has a history of aggressive behavior towards humans — to the point where officials are considering euthanizing the animal.

The bear (referred to as “Bear 148”) has engaged in increasingly dangerous interactions with humans. It terrorized at least one hiker and her three dogs, chased a man with a baby stroller and roamed into a school rugby field with dozens of high school students — forcing them all be ushered indoors.

But its liberal champions seem oblivious to the danger — or simply indifferent.

“We want this bear alive, we want this bear protected,” explained Banff resident Bree Todd, who organized the petition with fellow animal lover Stacey Sartoretto, according to CBC. “She is just as much of a local as I am, or Stacey is, or anybody else in this town.

“And she deserves the same respect as everybody else.”

So, these geniuses want the bear to be treated as their equal. Well, by their own logic the bear should be locked up for a long time. After all, if a human chased a man with a baby stroller and terrorized a group of school children, the maniac would be locked up for a very long time.

The petition, naturally, doesn’t dwell on the danger.

“She belongs here and on our landscape, the only home she knows and should not be executed for simply being a bear,” the petition states.

Well, “being a bear” means being dangerous to humans — especially vulnerable humans, like children. I wonder how these folks would feel if the bear mauled some kid to death because they protected its right to “be a bear.”

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that officials have stated they don’t want to have to euthanize the bear, but they are concerned about the safety of the public — that is their job after all.

“Our intent isn’t to euthanize her,” explained Brett Boukall, a senior wildlife biologist. “We share the public’s concern for maintaining bears on the landscape. At the end of the day, our No. 1 priority is public safety.”

The Calgary Sun reported that after the bear charged the man with the stroller, it was relocated to the wilderness, far away from the town, and fitted with a GPS tracking device that reports its location every two hours. However, it now appears that the bear is headed back towards Canmore.

If the bear displays anymore aggressive tendencies towards humans, authorities will be forced to put it down.

Hopefully, the bear will find somewhere else to live. It would be a tragedy if authorities had to euthanize this animal, but at the end of the day, they need to do what is necessary to protect the public.

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Source: Small Town Has SJWs Wanting to “Save” Aggressive Bear’s Right to Maul Kids

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