SICK: Liberal Hollywood Just Got Its Revenge On Pro-Trump Tim Allen

We support you, Tim!

If you are a conservative in Hollywood, your job is not safe, and your show will probably get cancelled. Hollywood is horrible.

Tim Allen has been a vocal critic of leftist Hollywood and their minions. Unfortunately, Tim Allen’s popular show, The Last Man Standing, has been cancelled by the corrupt Hollywood elites. That is disturbing! (via Deadline)

The radical Left and their celebrity pawns hate conservatives. They will do anything to silence conservative voices, even if that means destroying their careers. We need to write to Hollywood and demand answers.

We cannot allow these radical Leftists to silence conservative voices. The extremist Democrats will sink as low as necessary to silence their opposition. They use social media and protests to attack us, and now they are ruining careers.

This isn’t anything new. We have seen it for years. Can you even count the number of celebrity conservatives on both hands? I don’t even think you can with one hand. That is truly unfortunate.

It used to be that younger generations were easily influenced by celebrities. Luckily, that is all changing thanks to YouTube and the internet. Now, conservatives can easily get airtime through alternative channels.

There is now a whole youth conservative movement thanks to the video gaming communities and online culture. While the radical Left abuses Twitter, young conservatives mock them. The extremist Democrats are losing the culture war, right now.

As each day passes, liberals lose their strength. Everyone can see right through celebrities and their nonsense. Instead of watching cable television, younger generations are online, where the radical Left cannot silence expression.

Hollywood is losing its strength. While people still go to movies, the industry is largely shifting to online streaming and other alternatives. In other words, we are now seeing the cost of entertainment shrink, which will take money out of the radical Left’s pockets.

The leftist media won’t be able to rely on their traditional avenues of communication for long. Youthful conservatives are creating new and innovate methods to get their voices out. Tim Allen can rest assured; he won’t be forgotten.

The Left has no shame. Tim Allen is an American icon. Unfortunately, the Left doesn’t care about that. They would rather push their nonsense on the American people.

It will only be a matter of time before Hollywood loses all of its power. People don’t want to hear their lies and manipulations. Who would have thought the radical Left would lose their grasp on culture? It seems like they need to do some self-reflection.

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Source: SICK: Liberal Hollywood Just Got Its Revenge On Pro-Trump Tim Allen

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