SICK: Journalist Just ATTACKED The Marines On Memorial Day, Should He Be Fired?

The man has ZERO class.

Memorial day is a time for us all to come together and mourn — not a day to score cheap political points.

While the rest of us were mourning the loss of our fallen service members for Memorial day yesterday liberal media outlet Vox attacked the marine corps and accused it of having a “toxic masculinity culture.” (via Vox)

In the article author

Of course, the author behind the article defaming our Marines has no experience with the military and has never served a day in his life.

Alex Ward referred to the Marines United scandal as proof of a culture of toxic masculinity. During the scandal about 30 Marines faced court martial for sharing nude photos of female Marines in their Facebook group.

The conduct of members of the Marines United Facebook group was widely criticized by Democrats, Republicans, and the top brass in the pentagon. The Marines behind the group were disciplined.

However, the fact that nude photos were shared is enough to make this Vox writer think there is a problem of toxic masculinity. “Toxic masculinity” is one of the latest buzzword phrases pushed by feminists.

The concept of toxic masculinity is essentially the latest attack against men and manliness. It is the opposite of “boys being boys,” and assumes that any competitive behavior is wrong in an attempt to demonize classic male behaviors.

Many weak liberal men like Alex Ward leech onto the concept because they are unable to compete in typical male arenas. Too weak for the military or sports, and too uncoordinated to hone a trade, these spineless losers attack real men behind a keyboard for being too aggressive.

However, it is exactly this aggression that keeps us safe. Our Marines risk everything to keep us safe and get spit on by liberals in return. If liberals had their way the warrior spirit the Marine Corps would erode away.

Alex Ward should be fired as a Vox writer for the sheer idiotic audacity of attacking Marines on Memorial Day.

Ward could have shared his dimwitted opinion any other day of the year — his choice to publish on Memorial Day is an insult to our fallen heroes and all the patriots who loved them.

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Source: SICK: Journalist Just ATTACKED The Marines On Memorial Day, Should He Be Fired?

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