Sheriff Clarke Blew the Lid off CNN With Brand New Accusation No One Saw Coming

Sheriff Clarke takes on CNN

Since virtually the moment the election was decided on Nov. 9, mainstream media outlets in the United States have seemingly embarked on a crusade against President Donald Trump. Disappointed that they couldn’t destroy him during the 2016 campaign, they have gone after the people he is appointing.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke was on the receiving end of this intense scrutiny. After being offered a position with the Department of Homeland Security, CNN reported allegations that Clarke had plagiarized several sections of his master’s thesis.

A little while later, it was announced that Clarke would no longer be accepting a job with DHS. Speaking with Media Equalizer, Clarke lashed out at CNN over what he claimed were their attacks against him.

“It doesn’t take much in this information age to assassinate by information. He goes after dissertations and papers. He screams plagiarism,” Clarke stated, speaking about CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski.

“He uses fear and intimidation against his targets. It’s electronic terrorism,” Clarke stated.

Stating an American television of “electronic terrorism” is a pretty strong accusation, especially coming from a law enforcement officer. However, over the past several years CNN, has made its political preferences painfully clear.

You would have to have been living under a rock during the 2016 presidential race to have not seen how openly biased against Trump CNN was (and continues to be).

“I realize what these guys are about. It’s a ritual. It’s a game mainly played by the left. But the right is starting to understand how this is accomplished,” Clarke said, speaking about CNN.

“There is a counter-strategy in place now, but until it becomes more widely known, we are kind of the low-hanging fruit,” he added.

Indeed, many liberal media outlets seemingly enjoy trying to find whatever they can to embarrass the Trump administration.

You can listen to Clarke’s full remarks here:

The use of “anonymous sources” has skyrocketed over the past few months as each news outlet tries to find the most embarrassing story possible.

Many of the stories that quote anonymous sources have been debunked, but that hasn’t stopped the media from continuing to do whatever they can to hurt the Trump administration.

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Source: Sheriff Clarke Accuses CNN of “Electronic Terrorism”

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