REVEALED: What Trump’s Army Secretary Said About Guns Has Libs Freaking Out

We agree with him completely!

The Left continues to prove their ignorance of history and their desire to control the American people, but we’re not going to take it — and neither is the Trump administration!

Liberal media outlets have launched a full-fledged assault against President Trump’s pick for Army Secretary: Tennessee Senator Mark Green. Specifically, they are attacking Green for defending The Second Amendment. (via Huffington Post).

In 2013, Mark Green made a speech at a gun rally where he said: “The Second Amendment, while it allows citizens to protect themselves from other citizens, goes well beyond just allowing us to defend ourselves from a criminal.”

Mark Green continued, and clarified his remarks saying that citizens have the right to possess any weapon that is also in use by the U.S. military — including aircraft carriers.

These statements have caused the left to freak out. Of course, Sen. Green’s statements are factually accurate and were justified in the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Caetano v. Massachusetts.

In the unanimous decision, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts law that prevented residents from possessing a stun gun.

The Massachusetts state court ruled against the defendant, who owned a stun gun for defensive purposes, because stun guns did not exist when the Bill of Rights was drafted and because stun guns have a limited military role.

However, the Supreme Court completely rejected the state court’s logic and reiterated their ruling in Heller writing, “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding” and is limited not “only those weapons useful in warfare.” (via Supreme Court)

Sen. Green’s statements are backed by the Constitution and the entirety of the Supreme Court — yet this isn’t enough for liberals. Liberals place no value in the Constitution, and they only support activist judges with a progressive bent.

The real reason that liberals hate guns is because they love authoritarianism. The Left has the ultimate goal of creating a totalitarian government in America.

The Second Amendment is the last defense of the people against tyranny, which is exactly why the Left opposes it. We support Trump’s decision to choose Green, and can’t wait to see how they’ll defend our gun rights!

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Source: REVEALED: What Trump’s Army Secretary Said About Guns Has Libs Freaking Out

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