Restaurant Helps Military Son Surprise Dad At Dinner. But Left Floored When They See Total On Bill

What an emotional moment!

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate dads everywhere. For service members, Father’s Day can be extra sweet — if they’re home to enjoy it. One military member got a chance to surprise his father thanks to help from a local restaurant.

In Orange Park, Florida, Private First Class Lee Adams surprised his father at Texas Roadhouse. The awesome staff even turned the blinds down for him. Even better, the restaurant decided to let the family eat for free, thus nixing a bill worth $86.

Such excellent treatment is always heart-warming.

The Adams’ family reunion was captured on a cellphone. When the wonderful moment arrived, PFC Adams’ dad let out a hearty “Hey, dude!”

Videos of American soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen returning home in order to surprise their families are extremely popular on YouTube. It’s not uncommon for over a million viewers to watch such clips.

This Father’s Day, we should all keep American troops in mind as we celebrate with our families. Thousands of wives, husbands, moms, dads, and kids will not be spending today with their loved ones.

New reports claiming that as many as 4,000 new troops will be heading to Afghanistan this year underscores the reality that military service remains dangerous, via Time.

One of the most important things we can do as a country is to support our active duty, reserve, and veteran troops. These people volunteered to put their lives on the line, and we should always remain grateful for that.

Our support also means that we should be aggressive in defense of their causes. For instance, the VA is clearly a mess. Our government should either completely clean-up the VA, or close its doors and replace it with a stronger alternative.

More importantly, we as a nation must address the horrifying reality that our veterans are committing suicide at unprecedented numbers.

The tough truth is that for all the talk of PTSD and “flashbacks,” one of the main reasons why veterans commit suicide is because civilians and civil society do not know how to reintegrate veterans. Our overly individualistic and contentious culture can be depressing for people returning home from a quasi-tribal experience, via YouTube.

Please, just take a moment today and think about America’s veterans, and those who are still serving. These men and women deserve our love, gratitude, and prayers.

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Source: Restaurant Helps Military Son Surprise Dad At Dinner. But Left Floored When They See Total On Bill

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