REPORT: Shock Find In Antarctica Silences “Global Warming” Activists

Wow, this is crazy!

The Left loves to push fake science on the American people. Because of the Left’s warped view of the environment, we have more job-killing regulations than our great economy can handle.

The Left is obsessed with global warming, or as they call it, “climate change.” They claim our poles are melting; however, a new study released by Science of the Total Environment has released information showing that Antarctica is actually cooling. (via The Blaze)

The mainstream media is going to ignore this story, and the liberal scientists are going to be in full panic mode trying to refute this study. They always find a way to discredit actual scientists, and it usually involves a character assassination.

Like other liberals, these so-called scientists resort to name-calling. They call real scientists “deniers.” Dear liberals, science is not a political machine. Science is not a democracy. Science is a journey to the truth.

The liberals hate facts, so naturally, they are an enemy of science. They will spin any fact they can find to bolster their horrible argument. We need to stop liberals from abusing science. We need to keep politics out of the classroom.

Our education system has fallen prey to these fake scientists. They push nonsense on our children, and then bully them into believing it. Only intelligent students question everything, but these liberal scientists eat up their dogma with a big spoon of lies.

We need to reform our education system. We cannot allow these political activists to brainwash future American adults. They are too brazen in their attempts to discredit actual scientific work. These liberals don’t care about facts.

The mainstream media loves to attack skeptics, as well. It is sad. The progress of science has slowed down because of the leftist media machine. We cannot rely on the media, the liberal scientific community, or even teachers.

We live in a society that is plagued by smug liberals. They need a reality check. With Donald Trump in office, we can finally expect to see some policy based on reason. We cannot allow these liberal scientists to scare us into believing their nonsense.

The Left won’t rest until they have destroyed our economy. They would rather force us to drive these ridiculous solar-powered cars than take advantage of our thriving energy sector. America was the king of the Industrial Revolution, but the Left would have you believe otherwise.

Democrats love to embrace these leftist scientists, because it fits their narrative. The Left envisions a world without capitalism and without traditional jobs. They would rather have us living a socialist nightmare, where everyone thinks the same. Liberals hate listening to new ideas, unless it fits their rhetoric.

We need to support Donald Trump as he removes these poisonous environmental regulations. These toxic regulations have been polluting our economy for too long. We will reduce our regulatory footprint, and we will make America great again!

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Source: REPORT: Shock Find In Antarctica Silences “Global Warming” Activists

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