REPORT: Hawaii Prepares for Pearl Harbor 2 After NK Tests Latest Missile

For the past few months, tensions between North Korea and the United States have been increasingly exponentially. It seems like every week North Korea is testing a new missile or otherwise ratcheting up tensions in the region.

The state of Hawaii has taken this increased threat seriously, and is reportedly dusting off its plans, and updating them, when it comes to dealing with the possibility of a nuclear war, the U.K. Sun reported.

Hawaii is a very likely target for a North Korean attack, as it is the closest U.S. state to the Korean Peninsula. A North Korean missile would stand a better chance of striking Hawaii than it would somewhere on the United States mainland. On Monday, it launched its latest test missile, according to CNBC — its ninth this year.

The nuclear plans have been described by Hawaiian authorities as “formidable and critical to the survival of our 1.4 million residents and visitors in the unlikely event of a nuclear detonation.”

The news and commentary website Motherboard reported that the “Plan of Action and Milestones” that outlines Hawaii’s plans to revamp its response to a potential nuclear attack includes plans to train personnel in how to respond to a nuclear attack, as well as reviewing its existing protocols. The state doesn’t want to foster “mass hysteria,” Motherboard reported, but has to be prepared.

Fox News noted that the nuclear contingency plans were last examined in the 1980s, which indicates just how seriously Hawaiian officials are taking the threat from North Korea.

President Donald Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon, however Hawaiian officials aren’t going to be caught unawares.

While the attack at Pearl Harbor occurred more than 75 years ago, Hawaiian officials still remember that day, and the are determined to not be caught off guard again — especially now that the threat isn’t Japanese planes, but nuclear weapons.

North Korea’s continued missile tests show that it is serious about acquiring the ability to reach the United States with a nuclear-tipped missile.

Obviously, the Trump administration — and the rest of the world’s governments — needs to get North Korea under control soon.

But in the meantime, Hawaii is preparing for the worst.

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Source: Report: Hawaiian Officials Prepare for NK Nuke Attack

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