REPORT: Comey’s FBI Covered-Up Horrifying Obama Crime Against America

Total corruption.

To the Left, former FBI Director James Comey is only a redoubt of honesty because he was fired by a president that they hate. All the facts point towards Comey being a liar and a “Yes” man for the Democrats.

A pending lawsuit accuses Obama and Comey’s FBI of widespread espionage on American citizens. According to an individual who claims that they made off with 600 million classified documents, the FBI and the American government never disclosed the true extent of warrantless monitoring of U.S. citizens, (via Circa).

Under Comey’s watch, the FBI did everything it could to cover-up this illegal activity.

Dennis Montgomery, the former contractor who claims to have the 600 million documents, is suing the Justice Department in order to let the country know about the true depth of domestic surveillance (via Hannity).

If this lawsuit proves to be true, then the Obama administration oversaw an illegal spying empire that would put the East German Stasi to shame.

Think about that and remember that the Orlando nightclub shooting and the San Bernardino shooting, both of which were Islamic terror attacks, happened under Obama’s watch.

Either this vast spying operation is full of bumblers or our government is more concerned about spying on center-Right individuals or other political enemies.

While the major story here is that Comey may have covered up a massive crime on the orders of his boss, there is another wrinkle. Even in the wake of the Snowden and Manning intelligence breaches, U.S. screening procedures are glaringly weak.

One contractor stealing 600 million classified documents is bad enough, but Reality Leigh Winner, the contractor who leaked anti-Trump material to a left-wing website, has a social media profile that should have immediately disqualified her for government service.

Winner not only equated being white with “terrorism,” but even voiced her support for Iran in the case of a war between Iran and the U.S. (via Got News).

It is not the contractor system that needs work; the entire system is in need of an overhaul. Clearly, every bureau in Washington was politicized under Obama, and as such, these political actors need to be removed from positions of power.

Taking our country back means taking our government back. Not only should the U.S. government work more efficiently, but it should also care about defeating terrorism, not spying on ordinary people.

President Trump was right to fire Comey, a Democrat loyalist who lied to the American people.

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Source: REPORT: Comey’s FBI Covered-Up Horrifying Obama Crime Against America

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