Record-Breaking Sniper Committed Heroic Act That the Media Won’t Report

A Canadian military sniper recently broke enormous ground to become the world record holder for the longest confirmed kill, and the best part is that he did it while saving lives from an impending mass attack.

Brig. Gen. Peter Dawe, told reporters last week that Islamic State Group fighters were planning a surprise attack on an Iraqi military unit when the Canadian sniper killed one of the terrorists with a shot from a 3,540-meter distance, according to Global News Canada.

The blast shattered the world record for the longest distance confirmed kill. British Army Sgt. Craig Harrison previously held the record with a 2,475 -meter shot, The Daily Mail reported in 2016.

Few details about the Canadian sniper’s action were released, though TheBlaze reported that it occurred within the past month. According to the Toronto Sun, the bullet was fired from a “highrise tower” to the target, where it caused the one fighter to fall to his death and sent the others running scared. Their planned attack had effectively been thwarted by this amazing. record-breaking shot.

“This attack was massing unbeknownst to our partner forces, because it was happening very quickly in a very dynamic sort of environment,” Dawe said, according to Global News Canada. “And so our team was able to engage, and not only successfully [down] that particular enemy fighter, but pre-empt a mass attack. So that’s a significant achievement.”

According to the outlet, many have reacted with praise and disbelief upon hearing the amazing distance that the sniper was able to confirm a kill.

“NDP Leader Tom Mulcair used the incident to rekindle previous allegations that the government has lied about whether Canadian troops are actually fighting a combat mission in Iraq,” the outlet reported.

However others, even liberals like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau complimented the military excellence displayed by the shot, even as he insisted the Canadian military’s mission in Iraq is non-combat in nature.

According to Dawe, the sniper was following the procedure and parameters of the mission, which included “shooting to defend friendly forces when needed.”

He also insisted that while this shot was truly epic, “Canadian troops are not leading offensive operations.”

“But when you’re advising and assisting, it’s exactly what those two terms would suggest. To assist effectively means to also look after the partner forces with whom you’re working,” he said.

Well, “assisting” is what this sniper did — and set a record while he was at it.

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Source: Record-Setting Canadian Sniper Also Thwarted Oncoming ISIS Attack

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