POLL: If Barack H. Obama Was On Trial For Treason, Would You Vote “GUILTY”?

He should pay for his crimes!

If Barack H. Obama Was On Trial For Treason, Would You Vote “GUILTY”?

  • Yes - 288
  • No - 0

We should be very grateful we have an actual president in charge, but, that doesn’t excuse former President Obama’s actions. Would you vote “GUILTY” against Obama?

Patriots, remember, after eight years of Obama, our country has been plagued with problems. Obama was involved in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting scandal, and he even enacted Obamacare, which ruined our economy.

It is amazing that Obama has gotten away with all of these scandals. How are we supposed to fix our country if we keep letting politicians get away with such horrible behavior?

Liberals are so prone to lying and crime. We should not excuse this behavior. We need to hold our politicians to higher standards, especially the president of the United States.

The mainstream media protected Obama as he screwed up over and over again. His gun-walking operation, “Fast and Furious,” caused the death of Americans, and his complacent behavior led to Benghazi. Even Hillary Clinton got away with Benghazi.

Because of Obama’s lax policies, he allowed globalism to infect the American mindset. Now, we have a huge influx of unvetted, potentially dangerous refugees flooding into our communities. We are even starting to see the rise of Sharia Law.

Why are the Democrats and the mainstream media defending Obama? If they had any conscience at all, they would condemn Obama’s actions. The Left has no standards. They are willing to sink to any low to protect their own.

Liberals never answer for their actions, and Obama is no different. After eight years of Obama, our country is in bad shape. Thank goodness we elected Donald Trump to clean up his mess.

With Donald Trump, maybe we will finally start to see some justice. The Left cannot continue to get away with these ridiculous scandals. We cannot allow politicians to walk free when they are harming innocent Americans.

The mainstream media will continue defending Obama. They just don’t know any better. They would rather defend history’s most scandalous president than support Donald Trump. We need to hold the mainstream media accountable for their lies.

The Left loves to attack Republicans and conservatives for nonsense. We get called “racist” and “Islamaphobic” for literally questioning policies. How are we supposed to have a political conversation with all of this name-calling?

The leftist media and the Democrats need to leave office. We need to elect true conservatives. We need to hold Obama accountable for his actions. We have let our former president’s actions go unanswered for too long. We demand answers! We cannot set this sort of precedent going forward.

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Source: POLL: If Barack H. Obama Was On Trial For Treason, Would You Vote “GUILTY”?

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