Oops: Pelosi Humiliated After #StandWithNancy Twitter Campaign Backfires

After the Democrats’ humiliating loss in the Georgia’s special election on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was viewed by a large number of Democrats as the reason the party has lost so much over the past few years.

Republicans have constantly targeted Pelosi in campaign ads, and it has paid off. In response to the growing Democrat discontent, some of Pelosi’s loyalists tried to start a trend on Twitter using the hashtag “#standwithNancy.”

However, these Democrats clearly haven’t learned anything about the dangers of using social media for anything. Rather than a flood of Democrat support for Pelosi, what they got was a chorus of Republicans using the hashtag to mock her, Hannity.com reported.

“We #StandWithNancy because we’re not tired of winning. 4-0!” read a tweet from the official GOP Twitter account.

CNN reported that the hashtag was originally started by Democrat Virginia Rep. Don Beyer.

“I #StandWithNancy because she’s a perfect symbol for just how out of touch the Democrat party really is. Keep doing your thing, Nancy,” read a tweet by Cabot Phillips.

Indeed, Republicans have been painting Pelosi as a far-left extremist (which she is) for years. Many Americans don’t want their local candidates being tied to some stuck-up San Francisco liberal who may or may not be crazy, which makes the Republican attacks extremely effective.

“Roses are red, the House is cautious. Nancy Pelosi puts republicans in office! #StandWithNancy,” wrote a user with a flare for poetry.

NPR noted that the anger within Democrat circles is intensifying, with several Democrats, such as Democrat Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, openly calling for Pelosi to step down as party leader to give the Democrats a fighting chance in 2018.

Republicans certainly don’t want Pelosi to step down. She perfectly represents everything the Democrats stand for. That’s not to say that if Pelosi left, Republicans would suddenly fall to pieces, but she certainly makes their jobs a lot easier during elections!

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Source: Nancy Pelosi Humiliated After #StandWithNancy Campaign Backfires

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