NYC Public Library Gives Disturbing Lesson To Children With “Guest Speaker”

New York City is known as a liberal haven, but it was still shocking to learn that heavily made-up drag queens are now reading to children at the Brooklyn Public Library.

The drag queens are invited once a month to read childhood classics such as” Wheels on the Bus,” according to The Associated Press. Several of the stories are adapted drag queen-style for performers with names like “Lil’ Miss Hot Mess.”

Donning a silver sequin dress with rainbows, complete with a blonde wig and eye shadow, Lil Miss Hot Mess stated, “Drag queens and children don’t usually get together, which I think is a shame and one of the benefits of a program like this.”

Perhaps surprisingly, some parents were not upset that drag queens are reading to their children.

“I think we’re just looking for exposure to positive role models in as many forms as possible,” mother Kesa Huey said.

You don’t often hear “drag queen” and “positive role model” in the same conversation, but remember: We’re talking about New York City here.

Librarian Kat Savage agreed, claiming that reception for drag queen reading hour has been very positive. However, apparently aware that the idea was not without controversy, she also suggested that those who have a problem with it should just stay away from the library.

“We just tell people, ‘If it’s not for you, you don’t have to come,’” she said.

Unsurprisingly, the program got its start in one of the few cities in the country that is unarguably even more liberal than the Big Apple: San Francisco.

“This project is about taking back the radically queer roots of the neighborhood,” said Juliana Delgado Lopera, a spokeswoman for an organization that sponsors the California program. “With art and literature, we’re doing a series of interventions and bringing in other queer folks into that space.”

Ah, yes. Another person clearly interested in positive role models for children. No agenda here, folks.

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Source: NYC Public Library Brings in Drag Queens to Read to Children

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