NK Dares Trump to Push Big Red Button With False Assassination Claims

Not very smart of North Korea.

North Korea has accused the United States and South Korea of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on leader Kim Jong Un.

ABC News reported that a statement released by North Korean state media on Friday said North Korea’s Ministry of State Security would destroy the “terrorists” in the CIA and the South Korean intelligence agency who were responsible for the alleged attempt, which supposedly involved bio-chemical weapons.

The ministry also issued what appeared to be a warning of a counter-attack.

“Korean-style anti-terrorist attack will be commenced from this moment to sweep away the intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the US imperialists and the puppet clique,” it said, with a reference to South Korea, according to CBS News.

The ministry also demanded apologies from both nations, as well as the executions of the agents involved in the plot.

These are not the kind of remarks Kim should be making. By alleging that the U.S. took part in a failed assassination attempt, Kim is insinuating that Trump is incompetent and more or less daring him to make a move.

However, North Korea, which is currently surrounded by enough military might to blow it off the map, is in no position to make dares.

The claim is probably the ministry’s way of trying to make the North Korean people think that they have somehow discredited Trump, but it’s still not a good idea.

Trump is the last person they should be toying with. He has already shown that he means business.

Assassination is not a policy of the United States. If it were, Kim would not be around today. (Osama bin Laden hasn’t masterminded any terrorist attacks lately.)

But enemies of the United States have a way of coming to grief in the long run — Moammar Ghadafi in Libya, Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Surely Kim does not want to suffer the same fate.

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Source: North Korea Accuses US and South Korea of Trying to Assassinate KJU

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