NFL Owner in Hot Water After Surprise Image Showed Up on Twitter Feed

Indianapolis Colts Owner and CEO Jim Irsay is feeling pretty embarrassed after a pornographic photo was tweeted on his official Twitter account Thursday evening. His defense, as we’re sure you guessed… was that he was hacked, making that twice in two weeks that he was apparently hacked.

The photo showed up on Irsay’s Twitter at about 11:22 p.m. on Thursday. The image shows a cropped-in photo of a pornography actress, and let’s just say that it is most definitely not safe for work.

Shortly after the photo was shared, Irsay’s account re-tweeted a previous post where he had written “I’ve been hacked! Be careful out there,” The Daily Mail reported. It wasn’t clear what led to that tweet, according to CBS Sports, but if Irsay was hacked two weeks ago, it doesn’t look like he stepped up his security measures.

According to several reports, the photo stayed up on Twitter for 12 minutes before it was finally deleted.

Regarding Irsay’s claim that the account was hacked, Deadspin, offered several clues that that might have been the case. One, two minutes after tweeting the pornographic image, Irsay’s account sent a tweet that tagged several official handles including the Indiana Pacers and local news stations.

That tweet contained no written information aside from the handles, but was most likely an attempt to get those accounts to see the image that was tweeted earlier.

The fact that the image was of an actress and clearly not a personal image also makes it more likely that it was a hack, and Deadspin did some digging to find out that the person in the photo is Hungarian adult film star Anette Dawn.

Still, the act that Irsay was apparently hacked didn’t stop Twitter from having a field day.

While Twitter had fun, it’s pretty evident that hacking has become more commonplace in today’s age of advanced technology. As Irsay said later, “Be safe out there.”

Because anyone can be hacked.

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Source: Colt Owner Claims He Was Hacked After Pornographic Image Surfaces on His Twitter

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