News Station Runs Mass Shooter “Defense” Class… With 1 Problem

For the past several years, the United States has dealt with a seemingly endless series of mass shootings. As a result, various organizations have begun offering classes to train potential victims on how to react to a mass shooter.

WLS-TV, based in Chicago, ran a segment this week showing viewers how to “beat an active shooter.” While the intent behind the video was undoubtedly good, there were several problems with the way the simulation went — with one problem so big it could make the whole exercise pointless.

In the video, the person who is taking down the “shooter” has somehow managed to sneak up behind the gunman without him noticing (because that is totally possible), and the shooter isn’t moving at all — he’s just standing there pointing his weapon.

So right off the bat, we’re looking at a situation that’s unlikely, if not impossible: The mass killer remaining stationary — and oblivious — long enough for one of his potential victims to sneak up behind him. In Wednesday’s shooting in Alexandria, the Bernie Sanders-loving gunman was moving, stalking his targets. Cops don’t call them “active shooters” for nothing.

Then, the person tackles the shooter to the ground, and begins slapping him on the head.

No, seriously, he actually is slapping him on the head — and incredibly the shooter doesn’t fight back. It’s like an adult man playing patty-cake, only on top of someone who is theoretically hellbent on committing mass murder.

In another serious problem, the person who has tackled the shooter takes the person’s gun (which in the video was fake) and simply throws it to the side.

You can watch the video here:

How you can beat an active shooter? What to do that could save your life coming up at 5pm.

Posted by ABC 7 Chicago on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Anyone with a basic understanding of firearms knows that throwing a loaded weapon runs the risk of causing it to fire. The better option would be to grab the gun and just slam the shooter in the head with the butt of it rather than slapping him with your hands.

In reality, slapping someone’s head isn’t going to keep them down. What you really should do is hit them where it hurts, repeatedly. Break bones, make them bleed. Fight dirty. Do whatever you have to do to keep them down.

But better yet, you could actually get a firearm and a concealed carry permit, and defend yourself that way (assuming the politicians in Washington allow you to), rather than hoping that you have magically acquired the Jason Bourne-like ability to sneak up and tackle mass murderers.

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Source: News Station Runs Anti-Shooter Class… Makes 1 Silly Mistake

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