Navy SEAL Reveals Sickening News About Who ISIS Is Targeting… And It’s Heartbreaking

These savages need to be exterminated.

A former Navy SEAL revealed the latest targets of Islamic State group, and it is heartbreaking.

Ephraim Mattos, a retired SEAL who now volunteers as a medic and aid with the global humanitarian group Free Burma Rangers, spoke with Fox News last week about the deadly Battle for Mosul and the Islamic State group’s targeting of pregnant women and children.

“ISIS was just gunning down civilians in the middle of the night as they ran — women and children. We were trying to treat as many people as we could,” Mattos recounted.

“But bodies were all over the streets. An entire family lay dead right there — an old man, young parents and their baby between them,” the medic added.

Mattos, 25, arrived in Mosul in May. His accounts of the bloodshed that ensued were tragic.

“We saw two young girls, about 11 or 12, lying down. One had been shot dead in the back, the other in the head – her face was totally gone,” he said.

Mattos explained that in his seven years of being a SEAL, he had never seen anything like what he saw on the streets in Mosul.

The fighting resulted in dozens of bodies in the streets with children buried alive under dead bodies.

Mattos said one mission in particular involved rescuing children from a hospital that Islamic State group jihadists were using for cover. During the rescue, the soldiers and volunteers had to maneuver around corpses of pregnant women slaughtered by terrorist savages.

The medic was shot in the calf by snipers as he moved to save a small girl who was hiding beneath her mother’s blood-soaked hijab. The girl was saved, although she was traumatized.

“I was terrified. I had to will myself to go forward,” Mattos said. “But I had decided that I was prepared to die to get that little girl out of there … What ISIS was doing was just unreal. How do you shoot a little girl in the back of the head?”


Thank God for men like Mattos, who are willing to risk their lives to help those living under the constant threat of terrorism.

Mattos’ account is an eye-opening reminder of how savage radical Islamic terrorists are, and why they must be annihilated.

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Source: Navy SEAL Claims ISIS Is Purposely Targeting Pregnant Women And Babies

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