Mom Phones Show… Host Says 6 Life-Changing Words

That’s very touching!

When a distraught single mother riddled with debt and frustration dialed in Friday for advice to “This Morning,” a British daytime television show that airs on weekday mornings, she received the surprise of a lifetime.

“Jo, it’s our last day, we’re in a very good mood — we’re gonna sort your debt out,” co-host Phillip Schofield told the mother, identified only as Jo, according to the U.K. Metro.

“You’re not in debt any more,” he added. “Have a lovely summer.”



Time to backtrack a bit.

Before Schofield made his stunning announcement, Jo revealed that her partner recently left her after she confronted him about a £1,000 debt he had apparently accrued in their name.

“I really want to be able to do stuff with her but at the moment I’m just affording to feed her and pay for gas and electric and to support us as a family never mind any of the added extras that an 11 year-old girl wants,” she then said, referring to her daughter.

As Schofield’s co-hosts then tried comforting the mother by advising her to talk to a national debt line, seek support from a charity and perhaps even take her daughter on an inexpensive camping trip, he listened quietly.

And then out the blue, he dropped his huge announcement, bringing both Jo and plenty of social media users to tears.

Take a look:

“Really?” Jo herself replied in tears. “Thank you so much.”

Regarding what the co-host said about Friday being their “last day,” it turns out “This Morning” has gone off air and won’t return until sometime in September. The show has been airing since 1988, though Schofield has been a co-host since only 2002.

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Source: Mom Phones Show… Host Says 6 Life-Changing Words

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